4D Chess

What is 4D chess?

An extremely complex strategy

Unlike 3D chess, 4D chess is not a real game. Instead, people use 4D chess to describe unorthodox and/or convoluted strategies enacted by politicians, athletes, gamers, and other competitors.

The phrase 4D chess derives from chess's reputation as an incredibly complex game. If playing normal, 2D chess requires a sharp mind and keen strategy, the thinking goes, then playing 4D chess must require galaxy brain levels of strategic thought.

Therefore, if someone is said to be "playing 4D chess," they're likely making clever (and unanticipated) moves that are outfoxing their opponents. However, people sometimes use 4D chess sarcastically, to describe overly-complicated strategies that don't make sense and were always doomed to failure.


I don't know whether Jones is playing 4D chess in this election or just incredibly out of touch
¿Por qué no los dos?
TMW your fave athlete makes a 4D chess move
TMW your fave athlete makes a 4D chess move

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Updated March 24, 2023

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