What does COA stand for?

Course of action

COA refers to a series of actions or decisions meant to be copied or followed by a person, organization, etc. Typically, people use COA in educational or business contexts; additionally, a COA is often planned, but people may also create them impromptu.

For example, an employee may encounter an issue with a client they were not trained for and email their manager, "The client is asking for an in-person meeting before we proceed with the sale. What's the COA in this situation?" Or, a counselor may message a teacher, "The best COA for handling these types of situations with students is first to contact the parent or guardian."

While people primarily use it in business and educational contexts, they may also use it in other situations. For example, they may ask for the appropriate COA when planning strategy while gaming, asking for a friend's advice, or troubleshooting a technical problem with an IT specialist.


What is the correct COA to follow if someone copies your original content?
You should first contact them to see if they will remove it or add a reference link to your site
You will likely see COA in messages or emails
You will likely see COA in messages or emails

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Updated October 18, 2023

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