Storm Stilettos

What does storm stilettos mean?

Controversial stilettos worn by Melania Trump

Storm stilettos is a term coined to refer to the controversial stilettos FLOTUS Melania Trump wore when walking to the plane to visit survivors of Hurricane Harvey in Houston. The term became popular on social media the day she visited the storm area on August 29, 2017.

After images and video circulated of Melania on the Internet, people began criticizing her shoe choice as inappropriate for the situation and out-of-touch with American people. Others defended the FLOTUS when she changed her shoes and called the controversy "petty."


I don't care what people are saying about FLOTUS' shoe choice, her storm stilettos were fantastic!
Tweet criticizing FLOTUS' storm stilettos
Tweet criticizing FLOTUS' storm stilettos

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Updated March 23, 2018

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