What does stonks mean?

Questionable or meaningless financial gains

Stonks is a misspelling of the word stocks that online chat and forum posters use to refer to questionable financial decisions or mild financial gains. The term originated within the stonks meme, which features a generic-looking businessman standing among stock market-related imagery, with the word stonks printed in a white, haloed font.

If a company makes a decision that's ethically or morally unsound but will result in its stock price going up, an online forum user might respond to criticism of the company's decision with the phrase "but stonks." Alternatively, if a F2P game runs a sale in which players can purchase a small amount of in-game currency at a discount, players might share this deal with the title "STONKS!!!," noting how relatively meaningless the sale is.

Stonks can also be used to underscore the futility many feel when trying to understand the financial market as a whole. If a person does not understand a market event or a company or executive's actions, they might say "stonks" in response to news of the event.


I'm gonna post this joke all over Reddit and rake in the upvotes. Stonks!
The original stonks meme
The original stonks meme

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Updated February 11, 2021

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