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What does story time mean on TikTok?

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On TikTok, users comment "story time" on videos when they want more context. For example, if a DIY tutorial leaves out an important step, a user might comment "story time" to request more information from the creator.

It's unclear who popularized the "story time" trend, but it became popular on TikTok in March 2022. It's a quick, to-the-point way to say that you are ready for a story that fills in the information you are seeking.

Many TikTokers resent the phrase because they see it as a rude demand or criticism of their work. Because of this, many people think "story time" is an annoying term.

However, some people don't mean to be rude; they are just seeking more information about the story behind a video with bizarre content (common for TikTok). For example, you might comment "story time?" on a video that shows a woman putting strange stickers on her face.


I need to see the final product. Story time!
Story time TikTok
Story time TikTok

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Updated April 5, 2022

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