What is an eboy on social media?

An extremely online teen boy

An eboy is an extremely online male teen who regularly posts to TikTok or Instagram while wearing grunge- or emo-style clothing, a little bit of neon, and painted nails. The term eboy is short for "electronic boy" (and not "emo boy," as eboys' dress and behavior might lead you to believe), describing eboys' obsession with posting selfies and existential thoughts to social media.

Eboys and egirls began appearing on social media in the late 2010s. Drawing influence from emo, anime, goth, K-pop, and grunge culture, these Gen Zers began dressing and posting to social media in a style all their own, often identifying themselves as #eboys and #egirls.

Notably, eboys are part of the first generation born during the smartphone era. Because of this, eboys are extremely Internet- and social media-saavy. So, if you (for some likely wrongheaded reason) feel the need to mock an eboy's style or musings, don't be surprised when they flex on you.


Orange hair, dark makeup, metal chains. Yup, total eboy
A sampling of Instagram's eboys
A sampling of Instagram's eboys

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Updated October 21, 2020

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