What does STTH stand for?

Speak to the hand

A person who doesn't want to talk to you anymore may send you the acronym STTH (speak to the hand). You can continue messaging this person, but they may not read your messages and likely won't respond.

Where did STTH originate?

"Speak to the hand" and "talk to the hand" are common phrases kewl kids use to tell those who are annoying them to back off. "Speak to the hand" means, essentially, "I am not listening to you. You can continue talking to my hand though, if you want." People often throw their hand out dramatically when they say "speak to the hand," to visually convey their disdain.

STTH is an acronymized version of "speak to the hand" that some people use while chatting online. However, "talk to the hand" is used more commonly than either "speak to the hand" or STTH.


STTH, I've already heard it a hundred times

STTH means "speak to the hand"

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Updated August 10, 2021

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