Swanton Bomb

What is a swanton bomb in Fortnite?

Landing on an enemy and shotgunning them

In Fortnite, a swanton bomb is a move in which a player lands on top of an opposing player and quickly shoots them, usually with a shotgun. This move was popularized by Twitch streamer Tfue, who made swanton bombing so popular that Fortnite's developers eventually nerfed it.

The term swanton bomb, however, has a long history outside Fortnite. The original swanton bomb was the "senton bomb" finishing move used in Japanese professional wrestling. This move involves a wrestler jumping off a turnbuckle and flipping onto their opponent. A variant of this move, called the Senton Atomico, was adopted by American wrestler Jeff Hardy, who renamed it the swanton bomb.

Since then, numerous video game finishing moves have also been named the swanton bomb. In Super Smash Bros. Melee, for example, one of Fox's killer combos is known as the swanton bomb. Fortnite is simply the latest video game to co-opt this nickname for a sick, gravity-powered finishing move.


He's swooping in from above ... OMG it's a swanton bomb! Sick!

Jeff Hardy's IRL Swanton Bomb

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Updated November 18, 2020

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