Dope has 2 meanings
1. What does dope mean?

Illegal drugs

Dope means drugs. It often refers to illegal drugs, more specifically, heroin or marijuana.

Dope can also be used as a verb in regards to the administering of drugs to the competitor, such as an athlete or racehorse, in a sports competition. It is also the title of the 2015 movie where a geek in Los Angeles acquires drugs from gangsters and must find a way out of the predicament.


That guy's bad news, he's been selling dope for a long time

Dope means illegal drugs

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Updated July 20, 2016
2. What does dope mean?


A term used to describe something as cool or awesome; commonly referenced by urban dwellers when describing a material possession, such as a car or clothing item.


Dang, that car is dope!

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Updated March 15, 2017

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