Swipe Right

What does swipe right mean?


To swipe right on someone or something means that you approve or agree with it. The saying comes from Tinder, which is an online dating app where people swipe right (touching the phone screen and swiping right) on other users' profiles to indicate if they are attracted to them.

The Tinder app was released in 2012, introducing the swipe right and swipe left (to reject) feedback technique. When two users swipe right on each other in the app, a match is made, and Tinder notifies the users of the mutual interest.

While the phrase is commonly used to communicate your attraction to a person, people began using it outside the confines of Tinder to share their approval of something. Some examples include agreeing on a restaurant to eat dinner or describing a car you really like and want to buy.


What do you think of this apartment?
Swipe right, definitely

Tinder user swiping left and right

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Updated January 21, 2021

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