What does swish mean in basketball?

A made shot in basketball that hits only the net

A swish in basketball is a near-perfect shot where the ball only touches the net, not any of the rim. The name comes from the sound the net makes when the ball quickly passes through it.

People often use swish as a noun when narrating or recounting an excellent shot. For example, an announcer may say, "What a swish for three!"

However, people may also use swish as a verb. For example, when playing a pick-up game, you might exclaim, "He swished it from downtown!" when your friend hits a 3-point shot.

Use of swish outside of basketball

People also use swish outside of basketball to denote success. For example, your co-worker may say "Swish!" (along with the miming of shooting a ball) when upper management approves their proposal.


Durant's swish puts them up 12 with 3 minutes left in the 4th
That was a tough shot with Russell all over him

Ball making that sweet swish

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Updated October 18, 2022

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