What does SWTOR stand for in gaming?

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Gamers use SWTOR as shorthand for Star Wars: The Old Republic. In this MMORPG, players can join the Sith Empire or the Galactic Republic, to fight during a cold war that takes place roughly 3,600 years before the first Star Wars film.

SWTOR is a sequel-of-sorts to the Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) series. In KOTOR, the Sith and the Republic are openly at odds. By the time in which SWTOR is set, the two sides have established an uneasy truce. That truce is, of course, about to be broken, leading to conflict throughout the galaxy.


What's your favorite SWTOR expansion?
A SWTOR player waxes nostalgic
A SWTOR player waxes nostalgic

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Updated November 1, 2022

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