What does MTFBWY stand for in Star Wars?

May the Force be with you

MTFBWY is a Star Wars acronym that stands for "May the Force be with you." People often send it in messages or online (especially on social media) to encourage others or wish them luck.

The Star Wars (SW) franchise popularized the saying among Jedi, who commonly use it as a farewell. It is uttered throughout the series, typically before a Jedi goes on a mission or, sometimes, right before dying. You might say MTFBWY is similar to religious persons saying "God bless you" or GBY.

May the Fourth

There is a higher chance of encountering MTFBWY on May 4th, as many SW fans have made this "Star Wars Day" to celebrate all things related to the space odyssey, similar to March 10 (Mar10) for Mario fans. On this day, fans may greet you or depart with "May the Fourth be with you" or send MTFBWY (where the "F" stands for "Fourth" instead of "Force").


I'm off for my interview
Good luck and MTFBWY!
Yoda is one of the most popular Jedi
Yoda is one of the most popular Jedi

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Updated June 13, 2019

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