Take Him Off The Grill

What does take him off the grill mean?

Shut him down

On social media and forums, take him off the grill means "stop him" or "remove him." This phrase is inspired by, and the antonym of, the phrase let him cook.

Origin of take him off the grill

In 2010, many netizens began using the phrase let him cook to mean "let him do his thing." For example, if a sports fan disagreed with a coach's decision to pull a player, that fan might tweet "What a mistake coach, shoulda let him cook."

As let him cook became more prevalent, many netizens attempted to coin a cooking-related phrase that meant the opposite. Finally, the internet settled upon the phrase take him off the grill - which evokes a mental image of a chef being forcibly removed from their grill.


David Zaslav is the worst CEO I've ever seen. Someone's gotta take him off the grill
I mean, the stock's doing okay, so he's probably sticking around

TMW it's time to take him off the grill

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Updated August 9, 2023

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