Let Him Cook

What does let him cook mean on social media?

Don't interfere

On social media and forums, "let him cook" means "let him do his thing." People use this phrase when they want to see how something will turn out, despite others' protests.

Origin of "let him cook"

Rapper Brandon "Lil B" McCartney - aka The BasedGod - coined the phrase "let that boy cook" in July 2010. Specifically, he used the phrase in a video demonstrating various rap dance moves. In the video, dancing is described as "cooking," and dancers are described as "chefs." So "let that boy cook" meant "let that boy dance."

Lil B fans spread the phrase "let that boy cook" across the Internet, using it to more generically mean "let that person do their thing." As the phrase became more popular, it morphed into "let him cook."

"Let him cook" memes

"Let him cook" is used within multiple popular memes. The most popular of these is a meme derived from the video game Kingdom Hearts III, in which Toy Story's Woody holds back Sora while saying "hollup ... Let him cook."


It looks like he's out of the running, but let him cook. He might surprise you
The aforementioned "hollup ... Let him cook" meme
The aforementioned "hollup ... Let him cook" meme

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Updated February 9, 2023

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