1. What is a creeper in Minecraft?

Hostile mob

In Minecraft, a creeper is a hostile mob that sneaks up on players and then explodes. Creepers are a common aspect of gameplay and have become one of the icons of Minecraft.

In the game, creepers are a nuisance that pursues any player within a 16-block radius. When a creeper dies, it leaves behind gunpowders, a music disc, and experience points (when a player kills it).

Minecraft gamers created the term based on the stalker aspects of the mob that resemble socially invasive creepers in real life. If you use creeper with non-Minecraft gamers, they will probably think you're referring to the socially awkward people they know.


That creeper just exploded on me, I didn't even see it coming!
Creeper character from Minecraft
Creeper character from Minecraft

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Updated January 3, 2023
2. What does creeper mean?

A socially invasive person

A creeper is a weird, socially awkward person who has creepy interactions toward another person. This person often creeps into your social space and is unaware of how creepy he or she is acting.

Creepers are usually thought of as males because their presence is more alarming and threatening to females. However, there are a substantial amount of females that can up the creep factor. Some creeper traits include staring at someone IRL or making inappropriate comments on a person's pictures or social profile online.


Did you see what he posted on my page? What a creeper

Creepers can get real weird especially at the office

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Updated August 1, 2016

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