Tots And Pears

What does tots and pears mean?

Thoughts and prayers

Tots and pears is a purposefully sarcastic variant of the phrase "thoughts and prayers." People use this phrase to mock those who offer up thoughts and prayers after preventable tragedies, rather than taking real action to avert future disasters.

Most often, you'll see tots and pears used within discussion of gun violence in America. After each American mass shooting event, politicians and other social media users often send their thoughts and prayers to those affected by the event. In some users' minds, these thoughts and prayers are worth about as much as a handful of tots and pears.

Relatedly, you may see users "send tots and pears" to a politician, celebrity, or other person known for "sending thoughts and prayers," when that person experiences misfortune. Those who send tots and pears in this way are actually relishing the other person's difficulties.


Everyone keeps sending tots and pears, but no one's willing to actually do something
It'd be heartbreaking if it wasn't so expected
A meme version of tots and pears
A meme version of tots and pears

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Updated March 28, 2023

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