What does TBFU stand for?

Too bad for you

When you have little sympathy for another person's lowly position, you can send them "TBFU," which stands for "too bad for you." You can use it in texts or online when messaging or gaming.

Most people send it in reply to someone who just shared something unpleasant they are currently experiencing or about to experience. However, it's not meant to express condolences.

Instead, it's meant for people you don't sympathize with, whether it be because you don't like them or they didn't take your advice. Also, some people send it to close friends to tease them about their humorously awful situation or to sarcastically empathize with them.

For example, a friend may send "TBFU" when a friend is stuck on a plane next to someone who is snoring. Or, when used sarcastically, the friend may send "TBFU" when another friend complains about only having a hot tub and no pool.


TBFU that u didn't hear about the party

Common TBFU sentiment

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Updated August 25, 2021

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