What does TS stand for?

Tough stuff


TS is an acronym that is another way of saying, "that's too bad for you." It stands for "tough stuff" or "tough s***" and is an unsympathetic response meant to convey apathy.

For example, if you text your little brother and he says he needs a ride home from school because he gets bullied on the bus, you may respond with, "TS, I'm going to Tiffany's right after school." Or, you might message your friend online not to tell your crush that you like him, and they respond with, "TS, he needs to know you like him cuz he likes you too!"


Why did you tell him what I said? He won't talk to me now
TS, you started it by making fun of me

Probable response to TS

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Updated July 5, 2022

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