What does TBI stand for?

Traumatic brain injury

In the medical field, TBI is an acronym for "traumatic brain injury." TBIs are caused by severe blows to the head or body. They cause lasting damage to a person's brain (such as bruising, torn tissue, and bleeding) and can impair a person's mental and physical abilities for the rest of their life. Sometimes, TBIs even result in comas and death.

Most prominently (at least in the USA), TBIs are often discussed in relation to professional football. Many NFL players suffer TBIs during their careers, as a result of repeatedly colliding with or getting tackled by other players.


Her cousin is now in a coma after experiencing a TBI from the car crash
A Reddit post from a person who suffered a TBI
A Reddit post from a person who suffered a TBI

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Updated March 22, 2023

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