1. What does ED stand for on social media?

Eating disorder

Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook users sometimes use the acronym ED to mean "eating disorder." You are most likely to see ED used this way during conversations about anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, pica, or other eating disorders, by people who have or have experience with those disorders.

For example, you may see a Twitter user post "Recovering from ED - still not comfortable feeling full. How do you cope?" Responses to that post would likely contain advice from others who have had similar ED recovery experiences.

Other ED-related acronyms and abbreviations

Social media users who have EDs often use ED and other related acronyms and abbreviations to seek out others who have EDs, so they can discuss their experiences. Some of these users are looking for advice to help cure their eating disorders, while others are looking for encouragement to continue pursuing their unhealthy, obsessive lifestyles.

Other acronyms and abbreviations that may lead you to ED-related content include:

  • edtwt (short for "eating disorder twitter")
  • edtok (short for "eating disorder tiktok")
  • thinspo (short for "thin inspiration")
  • fatspo (short for "fat inspiration")
  • chubspo (short for "chubby inspiration")
  • meanspo (short for "mean inspiration")
  • sweetspo (short for "sweet inspiration")
  • bonespo (short for "bone inspiration")
  • proana (short for "pro-anorexia")
  • promia (short for "pro-bulimia")

Typically, users do not use the above acronyms and abbreviations as hashtags, for fear that the social media platform they are posting to will remove their content - especially if the content is pro-ED.


You never truly 'get over' an ED, but I feel like I'm doing as well as I can
A Twitter user discussing EDs
A Twitter user discussing EDs

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Updated October 1, 2021
2. What does ED stand for?

Emergency department

A health facility acronym that stands for the medical treatment area that specializes in the care of patients that require immediate attention; helps a variety of people, such as people with sever blood loss and women going into labor; usually operates 24 hours a day; more commonly known as the ER.


Thankfully I've never been to the ED
U r lucky, I've been there 3 times in the last year alone!

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Updated November 5, 2014

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