Text Door Neighbor

What does text door neighbor mean?

A person with a similar phone number

A text door neighbor is a person with the same phone number as another person except the last digit is one above or below. It is a variation of "next door neighbor" where one of the neighbors texts hello to another neighbor.

The term originally became popular in the beginning of 2016 in the UK where it is spelled as "text door neighbour." The term didn't catch on in the US until late 2016/early 2017. Some text door neighbors have fully embraced the idea of becoming friends with a complete stranger and even begin following each other on social media. However, many people have rejected the idea as stupid, annoying, and weird.


Hello, my name is Joe and I'm your text door neighbor! What's your name?
Who is this and how'd you get my number?
I'm your text door neighbor, we have the same phone # except for the last digit
Please don't text me anymore
Text door neighbor conversation
Text door neighbor conversation

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Updated May 2, 2017

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