What does textmergency mean?

Text emergency

Textmergency is when an individual sends a text to the wrong recipient with information that could cause a conflict. This mistake produces a social emergency that requires quick action or else disaster will ensue.

Textmergency is a combination of "text" and "emergency." Textmergencies may arise through a number of occurrences such as a text revealing feelings to your crush that was intended for your BFF or an inappropriate picture of a body part to your mom. If you find yourself in the middle of a textmergency you need to access the recipient's phone and delete the message before he or she can see it. The term appears in the "Textmergency" song featured in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, a TV show on The CW.


CTRN, trying to resolve my GF's textmergency

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Updated August 1, 2016

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