What is a textlationship and who does it involve?

A relationship largely based on texting

A textlationship is a relationship between two people that mostly takes place through text messages. The relationship may be romantic or platonic, and typically includes lots of texting but not much real-life interaction.

The term is a combination of "text" and "relationship." This type of relationship is more common among teenagers but may also occur among other age groups if the people are unable to speak in real-life or are simply too shy. The term is a variation of Textationship, which is a relationship confined to texting.


How long have you been in a textlationship? 3, 4 months?
4 months. Ever since we met that first night a the club
Textlationship means
Textlationship means A relationship largely based on texting

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Updated July 2, 2019

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