What does TLDR stand for?

Too long, didn't read

TLDR stands for "too long, didn't read." You're most likely to encounter this acronym on social media and in forums, deployed by users who did not read another user's post, because the post was too long. (And they were too lazy.)

As netizens' attention spans have shortened, and people's willingness to read long posts has decreased, many users have begun adding "TLDR:" sections to the start or end of their long posts. These sections contain a summary of the post's most pertinent information.

In some cases, you may see TLDR written as TL;DR. While TL;DR is the original spelling, TLDR is now used more often. (Because who has time to type a semicolon.)


Take a look at this article and you'll see what I mean
TLDR. What's the gist?
Sometimes, using TLDR is the right call
Sometimes, using TLDR is the right call

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Updated August 29, 2023

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