What is tlk short for in messages and online?


Tlk is a common way to abbreviate "talk" that saves an entire character of typing. People often use tlk in texts and online messages as a verb and, sometimes, as a noun (e.g., "have you heard all the free agency tlk?").

When someone asks to tlk, they are most likely asking to vocally speak with you in person or via some tech (like a phone or computer). However, they may just be asking to message you through texts or online, like DMs.

For example, your mom may text you, "Can we tlk after dinner?" Or, your friend may message you, "DM me on Twitter, we need to tlk!"


Do u wanna tlk on the phone l8r?
Sure. Call me after 8!
Tlk tweet
Tlk tweet

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Updated August 2, 2022

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