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1. What is tots short for?


"Tots" is an abbreviation of "totally" that people often use to emphasize something or answer in the affirmative. For example, you may describe your mom as "tots mad" after she catches you sneaking out of your bedroom past curfew.

Female tweens and teens typically use the abbreviation. Still, people of all ages may use it, especially if they want to be playful. And they may use it in a sentence or as a standalone response.

For example, a person might excitedly message their mom, "I tots got into college! Thx for all of your help!" Or, when a friend asks you if you want to go to a movie tonight, you can respond with "Tots!"

Since people may misunderstand tots to be toddlers, tater tots, etc., people typically spell the abbreviation as totes.


The final Harry Potter movie was tots the best one!

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Updated April 4, 2022
2. What kid of food is tots?

Tater tots

Tots are cylindrical, deep-fried potato morsels that are a staple in every American elementary school lunchroom. People may also refer to them as "tater tots," where the "tater" is an abbreviation of "potato."

People may eat tots individually or incorporate them into a larger food item (Minnesotans are all about the tater tot hot dish). Napoleon Dynamite is all about tots, too, as he stores them in the zipper pocket of his pants.

Origin of tots

Ore-Ida, an American frozen food company, invented tater tots in 1953. However, it is unclear who coined the term. Some believe that a mother in the early 1950s coined the term as another way to say "potato babies" (tater = potato and tots = babies).


Got some tots?
No, I ate mine at the cafeteria

Napolean saving tots for later

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Updated November 27, 2023

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