Trash Streaming

What is trash streaming?

Performing crude acts online in exchange for donations from viewers

Trash streaming is when a person streams himself online (usually intoxicated) performing offensive acts in exchange for donations from viewers. It may be performed by any person that has access to the Internet, a camera, and a platform to stream the video.

Where did trash streaming come from?

The trend grew online in the mid-2010s as streamers on various sites, such as Twitch and YouTube, attempted to stand out from other channels by "pushing the envelope" with offensive behavior. Then, in 2020, as covid forced people into lockdowns, many people flocked online to bide their time, with some tuning into the new streaming trend as a macabre form of entertainment.

The trend is prevalent among young adults in Russia. These individuals are typically looking to make money and fame through trash streaming channels.

How does trash streaming work?

Trash streaming usually involves a streamer who gets intoxicated, then opens up to suggestions for performing ridiculous and dangerous acts. The more ludicrous, the larger the monetary donation.

Performances range from pranks to more serious acts, such as verbal and sexual harassment and assault, and burying a person alive. Some acts have turned deadly, including when a trash streamer locked his girlfriend out in the cold in only her underwear, and she eventually succumbed to hypothermia.


When mom found out Henry was trash streaming she grounded him and took away all his devices

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Updated April 30, 2021

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