What does trashy mean?

Poor quality

Things labeled "trashy" are so inferior in quality that they are on the same level as trash. For example, fans of a team may describe an opponent as trashy if they cheat during a game.

Trashy is a critical term meant to demean the target, often poorer people who can't afford nice things or people who show little class. You may see it in various contexts in person, in texts, and especially online, where everyone is a critic.

People also use trashy to describe women who have "loose morals," especially regarding their sexual activity. For example, an old woman may call a teenage girl "trashy" because she dresses provocatively or acts promiscuously.


I'm so tired. The only thing I'm doing this weekend is binging trashy shows and eating pizza
Tweet calling out trashy Lady Gaga fans
Tweet calling out trashy Lady Gaga fans

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Updated April 5, 2022

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