What does TTYOOTD stand for?

Talk to you one of these days

When someone doesn't know when they'll next speak with you, they may end a conversation with TTYOOTD. This acronym is a lengthier, more wistful version of TTYL, used when a person wants to talk to you again soon, but doesn't think they will.

For example, if a friend has sent you several unanswered emails, they may end their next correspondence with TTYOOTD. In this case (and most involving TTYOOTD), you might want to make an effort to reach out to your friend sooner rather than later, lest they decide to let your friendship lapse.


I guess we missed each other again ... TTYOOTD I guess

TMW you need to respond to a friend's TTYOOTD message

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Updated April 26, 2023

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