1. What does TTL mean in chat and text slang?

Time to leave

When you believe it's time to leave a place or end a conversation you may send TTL. It is commonly used in text messages and online in email or when chatting.

Some people may think that TTL is a rude and abrupt way to end communication with others but it is useful when crunched for time. Be careful who you use it with because it may make them mad.

TTL is one of many ways to say goodbye online and in text messages. Other examples include G2G, BB, BFN, gb, Toodles, TTYL, LUB, and CUL.


Well, it's been fun, but it's TTL now

Annnnd, it's TTL

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Updated March 9, 2021
2. What does TTL mean in chat and text slang?

Talk to you later

TTL might mean "Talk to you later." Most people type TTYL when they want to say "Talk to you later," but who knows? Maybe the person you're talking to is lazy.

Or, they might not know about TTYL! If they don't, you should tell them. TTYL is a way better acronym.


TTL, after the game
Do you mean TTYL?

This definition is over, TTL

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Updated October 1, 2020
3. What does TTL stand for in computing?

Time to live

In computing, TTL stands for "time to live." Data packets sent within a network typically have a prescribed TTL, which limits how many locations the packet can travel to before being discarded.

For example, if a packet has a TTL of three, it can be sent to three locations before being discarded. This prevents the packet from being sent through the network in an endless loop, tying up resources.

Techies sometimes refer to TTL as a "hop limit," since it limits how many locations a data packet can "hop" to. In some cases, however, a packet's TTL may be an actual time-based limit (such as 300 seconds), instead of a hop-based limit.


What is the TTL for packets on that network?
A user asking about TTL in Reddit's r/networking subreddit
A user asking about TTL in Reddit's r/networking subreddit

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Updated November 29, 2023

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