What does u-ok mean in a message?

You OK?

When you notice someone is upset or has been absent lately, send them a quick u-ok to see if they are alright. The person will be grateful if they are struggling or appreciative even if they are doing well.

Most people send u-ok when messaging online or in texts to check up on a friend or relative. The person's behavior may have changed over the last several weeks, or they may not have been seen in a while, prompting concern.

When in doubt, it's always good to send a u-ok to check in. Even if the recipient is confused or upset about why you asked, it's better than letting issues go unresolved or letting a person feel unnoticed.


U-OK? I haven't heard from you in a while. LMK when you get a chance

That important u-ok question

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Updated January 26, 2022

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