What does ruok mean in messages?

Are you OK?

When messaging, people may send "ruok" to check how someone is doing. They may send it to someone who has recently experienced misfortune or someone they haven't heard from in a while.

For example, if your friend recently fell ill, missing your birthday party, you may text them, "We missed you at the party last night. ruok?" Or, you may have a brother who struggles with depression, and you haven't seen him in a while, so you DM him, "ruok? i miss u bro and would love to catch up soon."

Most people will appreciate the thought when someone checks in on them with "ruok." However, some may be confused about the abbreviation's meaning or turned off that you couldn't take the time to spell out the actual question.


I haven't heard from you the last few days. ruok?
Yea. Just been off camping. Thx for checking in

An ruok can go a long way

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Updated August 14, 2023

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