What does URAL stand for?

You are a loser

URAL is a putdown meant to tell someone that they are a loser. While it is often meant to be mean, some people may also use it sarcastically to be playful with friends and family.

Most people send URAL in texts and online via messages or social media. Because of the anonymity people feel online, they sometimes take the opportunity to cyberbully others with URAL. This is common amongst middle and high school students.

An example of a person using URAL to hurt someone is when DMing a schoolmate from a fake account. On the other hand, a person may playfully use URAL when texting her BFF after receiving a goofy, made-up dance from her.


URAL - I can't believe ur not coming 2 the party 2nite

No, you are the loser!

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Updated February 28, 2022

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