What does luzr mean?


Luzr is another way to spell "loser," which people typically use as an insult. However, anyone who calls you a "luzr" might be one for abbreviating a five-letter word with four letters.

You will likely see luzr in messages or online when people are making fun of others (seriously or playfully). For example, if you are joking around with your crush, you might text him, "You still like Pokemon, u r such a luzr. :)" Or, a cyberbully may try to break you down by messaging you, "Why would anyone want to be friends with a luzr like you?"


Hey, don't be such a luzr. You should try out for the team again
IDK. Maybe. Not sure I want to go thru that all again

That luzr feeling

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Updated May 31, 2023

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