Off The Hook

What does off the hook mean?

Totally awesome

When your coat is off the hook, it doesn't mean it fell off the rack on the wall; it means the coat is exceptionally awesome. You may hear the phrase in person or see it online and in texts.

For example, you might be watching a football game and remark, "Williams is playing off the hook today!" Or you might text your friend, "u gotta get yourself over to Jamie's. this party is off the hook!"

Origin of off the hook

It is unclear who first coined "off the hook," but it gained prominence in the 1980s and 90s in American culture due to its use in rap and hip-hop. Artists often used it to describe parties, threads, and bars that were so out-of-control great.

People may also use "off the hook" to communicate that a person is free from previous obligations, requirements, demands, etc. This version of the phrase comes from fishing when a fish escapes their potential demise by wiggling off the hook.


Did u go 2 the concert last night?
Yeah man, it was off the hook!

Off the hook party

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Updated October 31, 2023

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