What does VC stand for in online chat?

Voice chat

When someone you're chatting with wants to VC, it means they want to "voice chat." Typically, voice chat is done using a computer, a microphone, and an online voice chat service, such as Skype, Mumble, Zoom, or Discord. After all participants connect to the VC service, they can talk to each other as they would over the telephone, rather than sending text messages back and forth.

There are a variety of reasons someone might want to VC with you, rather than chat via text. For example, VC is often more efficient than text chat, because it reduces the chance of miscommunication. Many chatters also find VC more fulfilling than text chat. (Sometimes, you just want to hear another person's voice while you're chatting with them).


Wanna hop on vc? I think it'd be easier to talk you through this than type back and forth
Yeah, lemme plug in my headset

TMW you've got too many people on VC

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Updated September 12, 2023

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