1. What does GC mean in text and chat messages?

Group chat

Those who frequently engage in group chats may refer to them as GCs. Typically, people use GC when asking someone to post something to or read messages in a group chat. These group chats may take place via text message threads or messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, Discord, or Slack.

Unlike DMs and one-on-one text conversations, GCs involve three or more people messaging back and forth. Close groups of friends often maintain and post in private GCs, as do some families and groups of coworkers. If you're part of a very active GC, you may find yourself wanting to silence your phone or app's notifications, so you aren't constantly prompted to check your GC.


Here's my schedule for next week, feel free to share
Can you please just post it in the GC yourself so I don't have to?
Sure, sure
GC often means "group chat"
GC often means "group chat"

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Updated December 22, 2022
2. What does GC mean when gaming?

Get cancer

GC is a harsh command players may send to others when frustrated while gaming. For example, a player that wins a match may message the loser "gg" while the angry loser replies with "su. gc."

Examples of online games where you might see GC, include League of Legends (LOL) and World of Warcraft (WoW). However, you may also see it in other places online where contentious people congregate, such as social sites and in the comments section of videos and articles (because the Internet is full of angry people).

For example, people may argue about politics on X, and one of the users responds to a comment, "ppl like u r the reason this country is trbl. gc!" Or, a person may comment under a video on YouTube, "that was pointless. GC."


that was such a cheap shot. gc
cry much?

GC is a harsh acronym gamers often use when mad

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Updated February 16, 2024
3. What is a GC?

Groovy cat

Groovy cat (GC) is another way to say "cool dude." GC is obscure, but when people use it, they typically send it in a text message or online, like on social media or in a chat.

Where did GC come from?

GC was adopted as an acronym for "groovy cat" in the 2000s as online chat and texting became more commonplace. The "groovy cat" name traces back to the 1920s and 30s world of jazz and Jive-talking.

In the early days of jazz, "groovy" was a way to describe Jazz music played with a smooth passion. And a "cat" was a musician who could play groovy jazz with the coolness and nimbleness of a cat.

When do I use GC?

You can use GC whenever you want to refer to a person you think is really cool, such as a smooth-talking friend, suave celebrity, or awesome musician. But keep in mind, GC is rather obscure and primarily used by older adults that still describe cool people as groovy cats in real life.


That saxophone player is one GC!

Now that is one GC!

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Updated May 17, 2021
4. What do gamers use GC to stand for?


Gamers use the acronym GC to refer to the Nintendo GameCube. Released in 2001, the GameCube featured popular games like Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mario Kart: Double Dash, Animal Crossing, and Pikmin.

However, the GC is most notable for its unique controller design, which included two joysticks, a d-pad, and a pleasing button layout. Many Super Smash Bros. players still prefer playing Smash with GameCube controllers. To please these players, Nintendo releases updated versions of the GC controller for its new consoles.

In 2007, Nintendo discontinued the GC, which had already been replaced by the Nintendo Wii. However, many gamers still own GCs, and GC emulators allow gamers to play GC games on their PCs and other devices.


What's your favorite GC game? I'm basic; mine's Smash

The GC's iconic startup screen

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Updated June 16, 2022
5. What does GC stand for?

Good Crib

A quick way to comment that you like someone's crib, or house; could technically be used to describe a good baby crib but is most commonly used to reference a person's house.


Thx for having me over, u got a GC!

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Updated October 23, 2013

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