Mic Up

What does mic up mean in Roblox?

Voice chat with me

Roblox players use the phrase "mic up" to pressure other players into joining a voice chat session. To protect its young playerbase from hearing offensive language, Roblox itself does not contain a voice chat feature. So, players who mic up chat using Discord or another voice chat service.

Aggressive and/or angry players are most likely to challenge others to mic up. For example, if two players are engaging in an insult session via Roblox chat, one of the players may tell the other to mic up. In this sense, mic up is the Roblox equivalent of "let's take this fight outside."

Roblox's "gangster" simulators, like The Streets and Da Hood, contain a high propensity of players who may ask others to mic up. However, players may be asked to mic up while playing any Roblox game, provided they run into another player who is salty enough.


ur so bad, lol
Say it to my face - mic up
A Roblox player wondering what "mic up" means
A Roblox player wondering what "mic up" means

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Updated November 2, 2021

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