What does voteflake mean?

A person who does not accept official election results

A voteflake is a person who is unwilling to accept that their preferred political candidate legitimately lost an election. This term was coined in 2020, when a number of Donald Trump (45) supporters refused to accept that the President had lost the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden (46).

Specifically, voteflakes are likely to allege that their candidate lost only because of voter fraud, technological tampering, or another form of systemic cheating. When presented with evidence that this is not the case (such as multiple recounts, election audits, and court decisions), voteflakes are likely to claim that the evidence itself is false or biased.

Voteflake is a take on the term snowflake, which boomers coined to refer to "overly-sensitive young people." Those self-same young people coined the terms voteflake and Trumpflake to antagonize Republican boomers and prove they are just as "sensitive."


These voteflakes need to figure out that it's time to move forward
A use of voteflake on Twitter
A use of voteflake on Twitter

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Updated December 17, 2020

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