What does voluntold mean?

Forcefully volunteered

Voluntold is a combination of "volunteer" and "told" that describes when a person forcefully volunteers someone to do something. For example, you may complain that your boss voluntold you to give the new recruits a tour of the office.

It's unclear who coined the term, but it became common in the early 2000s. Typically, "voluntelling" doesn't include an explicit threat, but it likely has an unequal power dynamic where the weaker party feels obligated to acquiesce.

Some voluntold examples include the workplace (your boss asking you to take on an additional task), school (your teacher asking you to help another student), and sports (your coach suggesting you should do an extra training program). A romantic partner might even voluntell you to do something you are uninterested in doing. For example, your wife may have voluntold you to help move her brother's stuff to his new house.


I voluntold my bf to help set up my grandma with her new computer
How'd he react?
Wasn't very happy, but he'll deal with it
North Korea voluntold tweet
North Korea voluntold tweet

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Updated March 22, 2023

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