What does WAGMI stand for?

We're all gonna make it

Crypto bros and NFT enthusiasts who think they have made a good decision use WAGMI to mean "we're all gonna make it." This acronym is the opposite of NGMI.

How does the crypto community use WAGMI?

Cryptocurrency and NFT enthusiasts often buy questionable currencies and products. When an investor thinks a purchase they and/or others have made is sound, despite haters' doubts, they may use WAGMI to show their enthusiasm for the purchase and lift others' spirits.

The crypto community also uses WAGMI as a generic rallying cry, anytime the future of cryptocurrencies and/or NFTs is in doubt. For example, you might see a crypto bro post "Don't worry, WAGMI" in response to news of impending cryptocurrency regulations.


You bought dogecoin last year, too? Don't worry, WAGMI
A use of WAGMI on Twitter
A use of WAGMI on Twitter

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Updated February 25, 2022

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