What does NGMI stand for?

Not gonna make it

When you're going to be late or you've made a bad decision, you can say you're NGMI (not gonna make it). While this acronym is sometimes used in text and chat messages, it is most commonly used by crypto bros and NFT enthusiasts on social media.

How does the crypto community use NGMI?

The crypto community uses NGMI to call out currencies, people, and/or decisions they think are going to fail. For example, if an organization announces a new cryptocurrency with no unique selling point, the crypto community may say that currency is NGMI.

Usually, when the crypto community says a person or organization is NGMI, they mean the person or organization lacks vision and intelligence. For example, someone who sells out of a cryptocurrency that's expected to appreciate in the long term may be labeled NGMI.


You're taking investment advice from Jim Cramer? NGMI
A use of NGMI on Twitter
A use of NGMI on Twitter

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Updated February 17, 2022

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