What does washed mean?

No longer good

Washed is short for either "washed up" or "washed out." In gaming, sports, and pop culture contexts, washed typically means "washed up." In personal contexts, washed typically means "washed out."

What does washed up mean?

Someone who is washed up is no longer as successful or relevant as they once were. On social media and forums, users may say professional athletes, gamers, artists, and politicians are washed up, when their current accomplishments don't measure up to their previous ones.

What does washed out mean?

Someone who is washed out is exhausted. This slang phrase originates from the "washing out" that happens to colored clothing over time. Just as washed out clothing has lost its color, washed out people have lost their energy.


Aaron Rodgers is so washed; I can't wait til the Packers let him go
A use of washed (meaning "washed up") on Twitter
A use of washed (meaning "washed up") on Twitter

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Updated January 11, 2023

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