Flop Era

What is a flop era?

A period of disappointment

A flop era is a period of time when someone or something experiences great disappointment. People often use it to describe musicians who no longer produce "good" music and/or are relevant in culture.

Where did flop era come from

"Flop" is commonly used in the music business for referring to songs and albums that are not well-received financially by the public. Fans of musicians began combining "flop" with "era" on social sites, like Twitter and TikTok, in the late-2010s to describe musicians who were producing "bad" music.

When do I use flop era?

You can use "flop era" to refer to artists, mainly musicians and actors, who have produced flops and are no longer considered relevant. Some examples of artists that have gone through flop eras include Cher, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Ben Affleck, and Jennifer Lopez. Some artists get through flops and re-capture the magic, whereas other people flounder ingloriously into the sunset.

You can also describe your own personal disappointment as a flop era. Your flop era may be a string of blunders, and you are feeling negative about your prospects. For example, you may have applied and interviewed for numerous jobs just to be rejected. Or you may have been on 5 bad dates in a row and a romantic flop era.


Her last two albums have been awful
Yeah, she needs to fire her producer to get her out of this flop era
Billie Eilish responding to a critic
Billie Eilish responding to a critic

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Updated July 19, 2021

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