What is weathermageddon?

Very bad weather

Weathermageddon is when the weather is so severe it feels like the world is about to end ("weather" plus "armageddon"). Examples of weathermageddon levels include tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, intense snow storms (snowmageddon), hurricanes, and monsoons.

Most people use weathermageddon on social media to overreact to a storm, although sometimes it's worth the label. For instance, it may be a bit windy, and a person tweets, "Can we get someone to turn off the weathermageddon out here? I just did my hair!"

People may also use weathermageddon to point out bizarre-looking weather like a fast-moving rogue dark cloud or ominous-looking cumulonimbus clouds. For example, a person may comment, "The way the sun is shining through the dark clouds makes it look like weathermageddon."


We just got through weathermageddon this winter, and now it won't stop raining and thunderstorming!
IKR? Where's the sun?!?!
Clouds that look like an oncoming weathermageddon
Clouds that look like an oncoming weathermageddon

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Updated February 28, 2023

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