What kind of storm is a snowmageddon?

A powerful snowstorm

Snowmageddon is a weather event that produces a lot of snow, prompting the feeling that the world is about to end, thus the "armageddon" attachment to "snow." For example, if an impending snowstorm is predicted to dump 2 feet of snow, people may say, "Stay off the roads for snowmageddon!"

Since social media loves hyperbole, you will likely see the snowmageddon online as people freak out about a storm. Additionally, the term is very subjective since people and regions have different experiences with snow. For example, someone from Minnesota is used to a foot of snow from a snowstorm, but someone from Alabama is not.

While some people use snowmageddon seriously, some may use it mockingly. For example, if a snowstorm doesn't live up to projections from a dire forecast, people may remark, "Those 4 inches from snowmageddon really ended the world."


Be sure to stock up on food before the snowmageddon this weekend!
Already did!
Snowmageddon tweet
Snowmageddon tweet

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Updated February 28, 2023

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