What kind of a storm is a snowpocalypse?

A powerful snowstorm

Snowpocalypse is a weather event that produces a lot of snow, and possibly wind and cold, creating the feeling that the world is about to end ("snow" and "apocalypse"). For example, if the weather forecast calls for a fierce blizzard, you might warn your friends, "Stay inside during the snowpocalypse!"

People may use "snowpocalypse" in person, but you will likely see it on social media when a snowstorm is forecasted. However, remember that some people's snowpocalypse is light flurries to others. For example, someone from Buffalo is used to significant snowfalls whereas someone from Florida is not and may freak out about a snowpocalypse.

Since some people are more seasoned winter veterans, they may use snowpocalypse mockingly to make fun of those worried. For example, a guy may post a picture of his large pickup truck on Twitter, saying, "This snowpocalypse has me shaking in my 33" wheels."


The snowpocalypse is here!
Yasss! I can't wait for 20 inches of fresh powder!
Snowpocalypse tweet
Snowpocalypse tweet

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Updated February 28, 2023

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