What does WEG stand for?

Wicked evil grin

People message "WEG," which stands for "wicked evil grin," to show mischievous intent. For example, a person who texts their friends that their parents are gone this weekend, along with "WEG," means they are looking to get into trouble.

WEG is an extension of EG and a variation of BEG. People typically use it when messaging online and in texts. They may also write it as <weg>.

Typically, people use WEG when alluding to future misbehavior, which could be something big (stealing a car) or small (pulling off a practical joke). You can usually tell the level of misbehaving by the person who sent it.


I'm going to have the best April Fool's jokes this year...WEG

The Grinch's WEG

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Updated February 21, 2022

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