What does WI stand for?

Willful ignorance

WI is an acronym that means "willful ignorance," which is when a person intentionally does not want to know something. It may be because it contradicts what he believes or because he is just too lazy and doesn't want to feel guilty knowing something.

Furthermore, willful ignorance is the disbelief in discerning the truth and is dangerous to society at large. It isn't just the absence of knowledge but instead it is ignorance paired with the decision to remain ignorant. The WI acronym is most commonly seen in text messages or online to help reduce characters in a message. It may be used to describe a variety of people that seem to not want to acknowledge the truth in a situation, such as politicians, religious leaders, bosses, or people on opposing sides of an argument.


He doesn't want to listen to other POVs, he'd rather just live in his WI

WI means willful ignorance

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Updated February 9, 2018

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